The Uprising

A thousand years after the erection of The Divine Barrier, the people of Varos have began to wonder whether being completely cut of from the rest of Valyria is a necessity. The Church of Khorzha continue to insist that through regular scouting, they are sure that the lands outside of the barrier are still a dangerous place which should be separated from the “peaceful” life inside.

Rumors have begun to circulate, it is said that the lands outside of the barrier have recovered from the War of the Four Kings, and that a peaceful life may await on the other side.

It has also become apparent to many that the lands inside the barrier have started to become infertile. Crops are beginning to wither and the trees and grass aren’t as green as they used to be. The artificial sun created by the high priests of the church has lasted well for a thousand years, but something doesn’t seem right anymore.

The people of Varos have begun to feel trapped, for generations the population have known only life inside the barrier, and now some have decided that they want out. This has led to the barrier gaining the nickname The World Prison, and to the formation of six unique factions within the prison, The Guilds of Varos, each tired of the church and each vying for control of Varos.

The Uprising

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